Unfortunately, here in South Texas, travel is just part of the game.  Under STYSA, the formula is simple, the higher level of play, the further a team will need to travel.  The average travel time to a game location is approximately 30 min - 1 hour; teams will travel between 1-2 hours about 20%-40% during a seasonal year (June-May). 

We understand and respect the time commitment from players and parents in regards to travel and firmly believe in only progressing players/teams to a higher level of play in accordance with their development. 

Travel can be required for tournament play, some destination locations are chosen by the team and/or coach, and some locations are mandated (I.E. State & National Tournaments).  

If you are serious about playing soccer at a high level, travel is just something that comes along with that commitment.   Our teams are great with car pooling for away games and everyone works together to help out when available.