Competitive Program Overview

   Chris Sage
Director of Coaching
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Buffalos FC Competitive Soccer Program

Designed for boys & girls in the 11U-19U age groups who desire to compete at a higher level.  Our players come from all over the San Antonio Metro area to take advantage of the training offered, we are located in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, TX.  Our certified professional coaches and training staff works with all players to help them reach and accomplish their personal development goals on and off the field.  Our player development program is geared toward developing players for high school, college, and the Olympic Development Program (ODP) and higher levels of play.  

The teams promote themselves to a higher level of play each year, within AAYSA or WDDOA. All Competitive Teams will participate in the STYSA State Cup in the Spring (STYSA South Texas Cup, Directors Cup or Presidents Cup).   

How to Register

BFC Competitive program now has OPEN ENROLLMENT for our Division II teams, which means any player who registers will be placed on a team.  We have a minimum of (2) two teams per age group and gender.

TRYOUTS is required for Higher Level Teams:  We would like all players to attend our TRYOUTS to provide our coaching staff a chance to meet new players & evaluate their skill level.  This also gives players and parents a chance to meet our staff, and see if they like our program before they commit to joining Buffalos FC.  


Two (2) ways to Register for the BFC Competitive Program   

  • OPTION 1:  RECOMMENDED Register for our TRYOUTS - its FREE - Allows players to come check us out - before your pay the registration fees, and allows coaching staff to evaluate player skill level.  TRYOUTS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL HIGHER LEVEL TEAMS!!!  
    • After a player attends our TRYOUTS - they will get a player offer to join our progam and team assignment.  Only players qualified will be placed on a higher level team, based on skill level and age/gender.
  • OPTION 2: Simply Register & Pay - REGISTER NOW - Select Program Registration - register and pay, BFC coaching staff we will place you on a team.

Program Benefits

Buffalos FC has a developed a training program which one major function is to remove the politics of the Player Placements process and to create a learning environment which puts the player in the their own driver seat.  Players get to learn at their own pace, players work to earn a BFC PDI Badge by end of a seasonal year (Fall & Spring), then players are placed on a team equal to their PDI Badge Level:  Select, Elite, Premier, or Showcase.    

Additional Benefits:   

   - Licensed Coaches and Professional Training 
   - Flexible Training Schedule 
   - 100-125+ hours of training plus games 
   - BFC Player Journal - Roadmap to Success 
   - iSoccer Training App
   - Video Analysis (12U & Older)
   - High School Preparation (13U-15U)
   - College Preparation (13U & Older)
   - Player Report Cards
   - Player/Parent Meeting(s) with Coaching Staff and DOC
   - Winter Indoor (optional)
   - Tournaments
   - Speed & Agility Training
   - Special Topic Clinics
   - Goalkeeper Training
   - Finishing School 
   - Street Soccer Nights
   - 3v3 / 4v4 
   - Club/Team Events

Program Fees

Program Commitment

All Competitive Players sign a one (1) year player agreement when joining the club.
Seasonal Year = Fall (Aug-Dec) & Spring (Feb-May) Seasons

  • If you are interested in joining a BFC Team at the competitive level and you can only commit to a Fall Season you need to contact our Director of Coaching.  
  • Spring Tryouts are held at the beginning of the Spring Season (Jan/Feb) to fill any open roster spots. 

2019-2020 Seasonal Year *Subject to change
Fall Preseason: Aug 5 - Aug 23, 2019
Fall Season:  Aug 26 - Dec 12, 2019
Thanksgiving Break:  Nov 25 - Dec 1
Winter Break: Dec 16, 2019 - Jan 24, 2020
   Optional Winter Indoor:  Dec-Feb
Spring Preseason:  Jan 27, 2020 - Jan 30, 2020 
Spring Season:  Feb 3 - May 9, 2020
Spring Break:  Mar 16 - May 19, 2020
Tryouts:  May 11 - June 7, 2020
   Summer Break:  June-July (8 weeks)

TRAINING SCHEDULE:  By accepting a roster spot - players are expected to train at least (2) two times per week.  For older and/or top level teams occastionally (3) three time per week.  If / when conflicts arise players can train any day of the week to make-up training sessions; Player are encouraged to train as much as they like.   

GAME SCHEDULE:  Games are played on the weekends; Typically teams will play one (1) game on Saturdays and/or Sundays, but when necessary games can be play on a week day, when this occurs it is typically on a Friday.  Teams can play on Sat & Sunday, with a maximum of (2) two games per day, if there is difficulting getting games in due to weather issues. 

TOURNAMENT PLAY:  Tournament play is typically at the beginning of each season and at the end of each season.  Tournaments can be played locally and may require travel.  Please review our Tournaments Page to learn more about tournaments.  

Age Group

The U.S. Youth Soccer Association groups players into competitive age groups. Age groups will be based on a player’s birth year. 


How are BFC Competitive Teams Formed?

Select | Elite | Premier | Showcase

RETURNING PLAYERS:  Player Placement / Tryouts:  BFC returning players are placed on a team equal to their personal PDI Badge Level:  Select, Elite, Premier, or Showcase.  If a player wants to play on a higher level team they just need to pass the skills assessments during the seasonal year for a higher PDI Badge level and they will be placed accordingly - it is that simple.  All BFC players attend tryouts and after the tryout process a player can be selected for a higher level team based on the team need.  

NEW PLAYERS:  Based on a player's tryout performance, past experience, age, skill level and potential ability.  During the tryout peroid you will be asked for information as to age and past experience in order to place your child in the correct age group for evaluation, this will be done during our online registration process. 

Any new player not currently registered with another club can tryout anytime during the year; players currently enrolled with another club will require a player release before they can join BFC, depending on the time of the year this may not be possible - please check with our DOC before you submit any transfer/release paperwork. 

Divisions / Leagues

When applicable, Buffalos FC registers teams in the following leagues/divisions:  AAYSA (AAPL/AACL), WDDOA (Alpha, Challenger & Prime), STYSA State Classic League, and Southern Regional Premier League West (SRPL-W) now the National League - Frontier Conference.


  • (D2) - 11U-12U SELECT Boys & Girls (9v9)
  • (S2) - 11U-12U ELITE Boys & Girls (9v9)
  • (D1) - 12U PREMIER Boys & Girls (9v9)

FULL FIELD (11v11)

  • (D2) - 13U-15U SELECT Boys & Girls (11v11)
  • (S2) - 13U-15U ELITE Boys & Girls (11v11)
  • (D1) - 13U-15U PREMIER Boys & Girls (11v11)


  • (S2/D1) - 16U-19U PREMIER Boys & Girls (11v11)
  • (D1/SCL) - 16U-19U SHOWCASE Boys & Girls (11v11)


Unfortunately, here in South Texas, travel is just part of the game.  Under STYSA, the formula is simple, the higher level of play, the further a team will need to travel.  The average travel time to a game location is approximately 30 min - 1 hour; teams will travel between 1-2 hours about 20%-40% during a seasonal year (June-May). 

We understand and respect the time commitment from players and parents in regards to travel and firmly believe in only progressing players/teams to a higher level of play in accordance with their development. 

Travel can be required for tournament play, some destination locations are chosen by the team and/or coach, and some locations are mandated (I.E. State & National Tournaments).  

If you are serious about playing soccer at a high level, travel is just something that comes along with that commitment.   Our teams are great with car pooling for away games and everyone works together to help out when available.