Festivals & Tournaments

Fall Festival | Spring Festival
Festivals are like a round robin tournament.  There is no out-of-pocket expense to participate in these events.  Festivals are held on a Saturday and typically there is one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  Academy parents are asked if they want to participate, and if yes, they will play in the games assigned by the festival event coordinator.  The festivals are just another way to play in some extra games.  Standings are not kept for festival events.  

Tournaments are optional, and are an out-of-pocket expense.  Tournaments are typically held at the beginning and the end of each season.  Tournaments selected to play in are local with minimal travel.  Travel request at this age group is rare, but not out of the question - we work with our parents and do what they want to do. Tournaments will typically have a tournament champion and runner-up.  This is the one time during the seasonal year this age group plays games and standings are kept. 

Check Tournament Information for more details