Open Roster Spots

Last Updated 12/6/2018

Based on player interest we were able to form the following teams for the Winter Indoor Season 2018-2019.   We still have some open roster spots for players still interested in playing.  1st game will start on Dec 15 and play will resume in Jan 2019.  Click on the Team Schedule link to view game schedule and register today if you are interested in playing. 

Team Birth Year Open Roster Spots
05 Boys 05 & 06 Boys (3) Three
05 Girls 05 & 06 Girls (4) Four
06 Girls 06 & 07 Girls (4) Four
07 Boys 07 Boys (2) Two
08 Boys 08 & 09 Boys (3) Three




Open roster spots may vary per team, when you click on the Event Registration the registration system will automatically calculate in real-time open roster spots available.  Max Roster is 14 players.