Northwood Indoor Rules

  • New Turf so cleats or Indoor "flat" shoes are OK.  NO studs (soft ground 6 cleat shoes)
  • Buffalos FC Players need to bring BOTH Jersey(s) to all games
  • 5 Minute warm-up 
  • (4) 10 minute quarters 
  • One minute break between periods, two minute break at halftime 
  • If a team forfeits the game they will pay both referee fees for that particular game. The forfeiting team will not be able to play their next scheduled game until the fee is paid 
  • Each team is allowed (1) 30 second timeout per game. 
  • Roster requirements : (10 minimum / 15 maximum) 
  • Once you replace a player on your roster, you cannot bring them back unless you pay for them again. 
  • Teams must have five players (including goalie) to begin game. 
  • No more than 3 NON-playing members on the bench at any time, this is to include Coaching Staff. 
  • Spitting / Gum = BLUE CARD - Second Offense = RED CARD 
  • All metal jewelry must be removed 
  • Players must be rostered to play. The use of non-rostered players will result in a forfeit. 
  • Referees and league officials may request photo ID of any player at any time. 
  • A RED CARD results in ejection from game plus a one game suspension. 
  • Any player who receives a RED CARD must leave the field in a timely manner. Failure to do so or any effort to return to the field will result in removal from league with NO REFUND. 
  • Two RED CARDS in one season will result in removal from league with NO REFUND 
  • Referees, league officials and facility employees reserve the right to remove any players or spectators from the building at any time. 
  • Ties in standings will be decided as follows:

          1. Head-to Head
          2. Aggregate (if teams faced each other more than once)
          3. Most Wins
          4. Fewest Losses
          5. Goal Differential
          6. Goals for
          7. Goals Against
          8. Coin Toss 

  • If any player kicks the ball and it does not come in contact with any other player or object (wall, net or boards) and the ball hits any part of the ceiling (speakers are included), a 2-minute penalty will be served by the player who kicked the ball. If a goalie, another player may serve the penalty for them.