Northwood Indoor Ice & Golf Center

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17530 Henderson Pass
San Antonio, TX  78232



Open Roster Spots

Last Updated 12/6/2018

Based on player interest we were able to form the following teams for the Winter Indoor Season 2018-2019.   We still have some open roster spots for players still interested in playing.  1st game will start on Dec 15 and play will resume in Jan 2019.  Click on the Team Schedule link to view game schedule and register today if you are interested in playing. 

Team Birth Year Open Roster Spots
05 Boys 05 & 06 Boys (3) Three
05 Girls 05 & 06 Girls (4) Four
06 Girls 06 & 07 Girls (4) Four
07 Boys 07 Boys (2) Two
08 Boys 08 & 09 Boys (3) Three




Open roster spots may vary per team, when you click on the Event Registration the registration system will automatically calculate in real-time open roster spots available.  Max Roster is 14 players.  

Winter Indoor Information

Dec 2018 - Feb 2019 Season Information

Registration Window:  Nov 5 - Nov 18  (Extended until Nov 22)
Last Call Registration:  Nov 19 - Dec 1 (or until all roster spots filled)
Season Starts:  Dec 15 | Season Ends:  Feb 17
Christmas & New Years Break:  No Games (Dec 22/23) & (Dec 29/30)

8 Game Season (plus 2 playoff games if qualified)
Top (4) Team qualify for playoffs

Cost:  $110 per player
Last Call:  $120 per player
Installment options available during check-out - as low as $5 to get registered today!!!!

Games ONLY No Practices
Games are on Saturday(s) and/or Sunday(s)

Northwoods Soccer Director sets the schedule
BFC does not have any control when the games are.
Typically on Saturday, but some age groups are on Sundays
If you can only play on Saturday or Sunday, please let us know during the registration process

League / Tournament Schedule Conflicts
BFC does our best to work with Northwoods Director to resolve any conflicts

Age Groups

Based on the registration numbers we will form teams based on their age.


Based on the number of team registered with Northwoods we will find out if the divisions are going to be Boys/Girls or Coed. 
For Girls:  If you don't want to play in a Coed Division just let us know during the registration process.  


Coed Division
Coed:  U8 (2011-2013)

Boys & Girls Division(s)
Boys:  U9/U10 (2009-2010), U11 (2008), U12 (2007), U13 (2006), U14 (2005)
Girls:   U9/U10 (2009-2010), U11 (2008), U12 (2007), U13 (2006), U14 (2004-2005)

Combined Division(s) Boys & Girls
Boys:  U15/U16 (2004 & 2003)

Guest Players

Winter Indoor is a great way to meet some of the players in the Buffalos FC Club.  If you want to just Guest Play for the Indoor Season or if you are thinking about joining in the Spring, please contact our DOC so we can put you on a team this winter.  

Chris Sage
Director of Coaching

Winter Indoor Seasons

Dec 2018 - Feb 2019
Registration Deadline:  Nov 16
Last Call Deadline:  Nov 23

Dec 2019 - Feb 2020
Registration Window:  Oct 15 - Nov 15
Last Call Deadline:  Nov 22

Northwood Indoor Rules

  • New Turf so cleats or Indoor "flat" shoes are OK.  NO studs (soft ground 6 cleat shoes)
  • Buffalos FC Players need to bring BOTH Jersey(s) to all games
  • 5 Minute warm-up 
  • (4) 10 minute quarters 
  • One minute break between periods, two minute break at halftime 
  • If a team forfeits the game they will pay both referee fees for that particular game. The forfeiting team will not be able to play their next scheduled game until the fee is paid 
  • Each team is allowed (1) 30 second timeout per game. 
  • Roster requirements : (10 minimum / 15 maximum) 
  • Once you replace a player on your roster, you cannot bring them back unless you pay for them again. 
  • Teams must have five players (including goalie) to begin game. 
  • No more than 3 NON-playing members on the bench at any time, this is to include Coaching Staff. 
  • Spitting / Gum = BLUE CARD - Second Offense = RED CARD 
  • All metal jewelry must be removed 
  • Players must be rostered to play. The use of non-rostered players will result in a forfeit. 
  • Referees and league officials may request photo ID of any player at any time. 
  • A RED CARD results in ejection from game plus a one game suspension. 
  • Any player who receives a RED CARD must leave the field in a timely manner. Failure to do so or any effort to return to the field will result in removal from league with NO REFUND. 
  • Two RED CARDS in one season will result in removal from league with NO REFUND 
  • Referees, league officials and facility employees reserve the right to remove any players or spectators from the building at any time. 
  • Ties in standings will be decided as follows:

          1. Head-to Head
          2. Aggregate (if teams faced each other more than once)
          3. Most Wins
          4. Fewest Losses
          5. Goal Differential
          6. Goals for
          7. Goals Against
          8. Coin Toss 

  • If any player kicks the ball and it does not come in contact with any other player or object (wall, net or boards) and the ball hits any part of the ceiling (speakers are included), a 2-minute penalty will be served by the player who kicked the ball. If a goalie, another player may serve the penalty for them.