Program Fees - Spring 2019 - ONLY

Installment options are available: two (2) bi-monthly payments | four (4) monthly payments | and other.  If you need to adjust payment dates or need to adjust the number of installment payments, please contact the DOC after you accept the player invite; we will work with you to put in place an installment payment plan that fits your family's budget.  All players must pay the intial commitment fee to reserve their roster spot with the club.  

Age Group Division Commitment Fee Spring 2019 Total
11U-12U AAYSA (AAPL/AACL) $75 $537.50 $612.50
11U-12U WDDOA (ALPHA/CHALLENGER) $75 $607.50 $657.50
13U-15U AAYSA (AAPL/AACL) $75 $575.50 $625.00
13U-15U WDDOA (ALPHA/CHALLENGER) $75 $625.00 $675.00
16U-19U WDDOA (ALPHA/CHALLENGER) $75 $775.00 $787.50






**WDDOA - has a higher player league registration fee than AAYSA